Here's some of the comments & reviews from people who've made our easy Butter Chicken recipe...

Marianna from Katikati kindly sent me photos of her Butter Chicken dinner. June 2012

Marianna Butter Chicken dinnerAnother photo of Butter Chicken from Marianna


So happy with this spice mix...the perfect balance of spices made our meal "restaurant quality"! 50,000 times better than any store-bought simmer sauce... this spice mix was simply incredible. Fast shipping, perfect product...we will be back for more, thank you. March 2014

We love it! First time son has ever liked home made butter chicken! Much cheaper than the mall or restaurant and he says it's better than bought ones! Will definitely be back for more. Thanks Sandra. Highly recommend.  Diane, May 2012. 

YUMMY.Even on Weight Watchers I can do this with Lite Evaporated milk and a can of tomatoes-still tastes great.May 2012.

The most authentic butter chicken mix out there, thankyou so much, prompt service and great packaging, the whole family loved it, will definitely be back for more, highly reccomended. May 2012

Honestly this is the best butter chicken I've ever tasted, not hot and spicy but very well flavoured. My whole family love it and I recently served it at my daughter's 21st where it was very, very popular. 16 March 2012

Spices arrived on the weekend. We had 1 tonight......yummiest we've every had., all 4 of the children ate and wanted more when normally 2 won't even touch butter chicken. Will definetely be ordering more, as will a few friends too I think. Thankyou, Antonina, Jan 2012

"Made the butter chicken last night was great my partner loved it too!!! i had to use smoked chicken and you wouldnt know the difference!! the flavour is amazing :)" Danielle, March 2010

"Many thanks for the spices. We had them for dinner last night and, from the first mouthful, are convinced we will never buy a tin from the supermarket again! Beautiful stuff! Have been raving to Mum and she's keen to buy some now too." Tanya, April 2010

The butter chicken has turned out awesome and mouth watering. My daughter just loved it and will definately place more order when required. U HAVE A HIT RECIPE! RECOMMENDED TO ALL! PLS TRY IT OUT ! A++++++ 14 April 

Tried it last night and it was beautiful. Will definitely have to buy some more! 23 April 

wow! must have almost been in the post before i bought it. :-) Smells wonderful. dinner tomorrow done. thanks heaps. 27 April 

Smells wonderful -can't wait to try it.Thank you. 27 April 

it was easyo and yummo lol, i'd definitely be buying more...thank u..A+  27 April 

Big thumbs up to your product~!  Cooked up the butter chicken on Saturday night to RAVE reviews from the entire family (and there's 9 of us to make happy).  Will definately purchase from you again soon.  It was just a fluke finding out about you on TradeMe community recipes thread ... thank goodness for that~! Kind regards, Paula.