Here's why you'll love our Butter Chicken Spice Mix

If you’re like me, you’ll follow a butter chicken recipe to a tee even if it takes you all day because you want it tasting just like the butter chicken from my local Indian restaurant. 

Over the years I’ve made a ton of great butter chicken (we love it that much!), but I found it was taking me too long to make from scratch every time. The most time-consuming part was the Garam Masala blend to go into the butter chicken recipe. It takes so long because you have to roast 9 different spices, constantly turning them, without burning, then grind them all up into a fine spice mix! 

This is the exact same recipe from The Pantry Shop. I was one of the original owners many years ago in Tauranga.


Dear Sandra,
I made your butter chicken recipe last night for the first time. It was extremely quick and easy. We like ours a wee bit hotter so I added some chilli sauce and it and was absolutely delicious. And those spices smell amazing.
Many thanks, Paula.

There was no way I was going to buy a premix sauce from the supermarket – do you know what goes into that stuff!!! You can forget about buying any kind of totally made up butter chicken ready-made dinner – they all taste terrible, plus they're usually full of all sorts of unhealthy preservatives which I’m not going to feed my family that’s for sure!

So I started making bigger batches of just the Garam Masala to save time and keep it fresh. This was working really well but to make excellent butter chicken you still have to measure out and mix in yet another 5 different spices, which all takes time.

I can’t remember what finally triggered me to think – hey, why just make a big batch of fresh Garam Masala with the other 5 spices. Then all I had to do was add 2 tablespoons of this mix to my butter chicken recipe and instead of it taking me nearly an hour to make it was all done in 15 minutes!

Wow, this butter chicken spice mix really worked and it still tasted just as good as making it the long slow way. Well it would, I didn’t change anything in the recipe that made the best butter chicken, I just made the whole process a heck of a lot faster!

So I thought I might as well just make up lots of spice mix to sell to everyone so they can enjoy my butter chicken recipe too! Fortunately for me, mum already has a small commercial kitchen that she makes other homemade preserves in so it was easy for her to make up much bigger batches of the butter chicken spice mix for me to sell.

I’m sure you’ll love my butter chicken recipe just as much as me, so why not buy a packet of my special spice mix now and get cooking the quickest, best tasting butter chicken recipe in the world!!!

This stuff is amazing.  I went and bought the tomato paste and cream and we're enjoying it now!  We WILL be ordering more.  Thanks SO much... and you did an amazing job!!! Stacy.