If you want to make "The Best Butter Chicken Recipe”... 

...but can’t be bothered spending half an hour roasting, grinding & mixing the 12 different spices you’ll need to do it, then I’ve got just the solution for you ...

My handmade all natural Butter Chicken Spice Mix.  Make a delicious restaurant quality Butter Chicken meal for 4 in just 20 mins.  The whole family will love it, even the kids as it's not hot at all.

The Butter Chicken spice mix is all natural with no additives, no preservatives, gluten free, nut free, just spices! Even the garam masala blend (a part of the mix) is roasted and ground for the perfect flavour! 

This mix is very very mild.  Just like an Indian Butter Chicken recipe. 


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The most authentic butter chicken mix out there, thankyou so much, prompt service and great packaging, the whole family loved it, will definitely be back for more, highly reccomended. May 2012.